Smart Zone opened in April 1996 in the Red Light district of Amsterdam and is one of the first magic mushroom shops in Holland and the rest of the world.

smartshop The Red Light district is in the old town of Amsterdam, 10 minutes walking distance from the Central Station and just a few steps away from the main shopping streets and the Dam Square. This is the area of Amsterdam that you will find the prostitutes sitting in their windows that are lit with red lights in the evenings.

The shop is attached to the well-known Winston Art Hotel, where you can stay in psychedelic rooms. The hotel is on the Warmoestraat and you can find Smart Zone in the side alley. An easy to find landmark that is just 100 meters from the shop is the Oude Kerk (Old Church).
The interior of Smart Zone was originally designed by an artist by the name of Grecko, who used industrial type décor, we loved his work, famous in Sitard, south of Holland and he enjoyed creating something special in an area like the red light district. Just drop into the shop and check it out, you will be surprised…

The main objective of opening a smart shop was to create a safe, cool place where you could buy natural and alternative stimulants and energizers. In this neighborhood drug dealers were spoiling the streets with bad chemicals and hard drugs, and thus Smart Zone was born!

Smart Zone became a well-known info-shop where you could ask a variety of questions about all kinds of drugs. The shop is a laid-back, cannabis-friendly place where you can drop in, smoke a joint and get lots of information, gadgets and energy drinks, you may also find out where the party is at! Read more >>