Sweet flag (Acorus Calamus) belongs to the Arum family of plants. After the plant has been harvested, the roots are dried. It has been used as a flavouring of liqueurs and as a medicine for several purposes. It can be used as a stimulant, a mouth wash, painkiller, a remedy against asthma and bronchitis, a rejuvenation tonic and to increase potency and memory, or for just for plain enjoyment. The major component of Sweet flag is Asarone, which can be purified into the amphetamine TMA-2.

Sweet flag is stimulating and has a positive effect on the libido. In small doses it has a light euphoric effect. Higher doses can give a hallucinating and a consciousness expanding effect.

TMA-2 has been described as being similar to mescaline, without mescaline's colour intensification.