Ecstatic is a dietary supplement, which contains a potent blend of traditional herbs. These herbs are used in different cultures to stimulate erotic feelings. While developing Ecstatic, the old rituals and shamanic practices of these cultures, used to enhance sexual desire, have been studied closely. The herbs that were discovered appear to be powerful sexual stimulants. The active ingredients will intensify the act of love. Beside sensual stimulating herbs as Yohimbe, Tribulus terrestris and Maca, Ecstatic also contains herbs that give you physical stamina like Ginseng and Muira puama. Ginkgo biloba, Vitamin E and Ginger have been added to stimulate bloodflow to certain parts of your body, so that touch will be felt more intensely. Ecstatic contains the optimal blend of herbs. Your body will be taken to unknown highs and you will travel beyond the boundaries of your sexual fantasies.

Use: Take 2-3 tablets with water app. 45 minutes before desired effect. In case of a sensitive stomach, combine with a light snack.