You can eat the mushroom so the psilocybine will be absorbed in your body through your mouth. Chewing it well slowly improves the effect and saves your stomach. You can also make tea from the mushrooms; boil some water slowly, keep the fire low and leave the mushrooms in for about 20 minutes. Pour the water into a cup and mix with a caffeine-free tea bag. Do not sweeten the tea! You may also eat the residue. Take this mushroom on an empty stomach, in a quiet natural environment, or at home.

5 grams fresh or 0.5 grams dry gives a mild trip.
10 grams fresh or 1 gram dry gives a very intense trip.

If this is your first trip, do not exceed the mild dosage, which is 5 grams fresh or 0.5 grams dry. After 30 minutes, you will notice the mushrooms starting to take effect. You will become relaxed, giggly, then visualizations will start that last between 4-6 hours, depending on the amount you take.