This alcohol demolisher is now also available in the west under the name of KG-2. Now you can get to know a 100% natural product that keeps you sharp and alert at business lunches where many a good drink is served. By swallowing KG-2 before or during dinner you will keep a clear head while your business partners will soon start thinking more slowly and be less firm during negotiations. You are the strongest negotiator by remaining alert and on the mark all the time. A very pleasant effect of the demolition of alcohol is the absence of a hangover after a night on the town. KG-2 removes residual products from your body, which are the cause of the familiar hangover.

KG-2 is the sobering pill used for many years by the Russian KGB to keep their agents alert and on their guard during dangerous missions. On many of their missions spies are expected to drink their share so as to be less conspicuous during parties and social events. To remain sharp and alert these undercover agents use KG-2 at these meetings.