Cultivation Parameters: Seeds germinate sporadically up to several months after planting. Use a sterile potting mix and bury the seeds to a depth of 2 seed diameters (8-10 mm). Keep the soil moist but not wet. Allow plenty of air-circulation after the seeds have sprouted, to help avoid fungal attack. These plants are quite prone to damping off (fatal fungal infection) when young, and many seedlings are lost. Grow in partial sun till well established, but can be placed in full sun when the plants are more mature. Need adequate root space to prosper, so regular re-potting is probably a good idea. Active Constituents: Voacangine, ibogamine and other ibogoid alkaloids.

Use: Little is known about the ritual use of the seeds of the Voacanga tree. Chemical analysis indicates these seeds should be approached with great care. One comment on erowid reports of ingestion of 50 seeds. I would try less (20) for the first time. One can grind them in the mouth and swallow with plenty of water or grind them and make an infusion with lukewarm water. The first effects can be experienced 30-45 minutes after ingestion.